The ACIS Experience - Home Page 5-4-18 to 1-29-19

Jacquelin Downey
6 months agoFebruary 12, 2019
I have taken so many trips with ACIS and I have found the trips to be fantastic. I am a teacher and have taken high school kids, parents, grandparents, and siblings. One time I took a trip to France with whole wonderful and friendly family from China. I love the educational importance of the trips, the food, the guides, and I love to watch my travelers begin our trips with a bit of wonder.  After the tour begins the kids become so curious, so happy, and are world travelers by the 2nd day!!!
about 1 month agoJuly 16, 2019
I am a huge fan of travel I teach too and I am looking at fundraising for a fall camp trip with my kids but right now all I am doing is researching options.
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